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Hello WonderfulVIPs and WonderBang-ers and FamBam!

How was your 5th WonderBang anniversary? Well yes, this year, we did not have anything planned and NO! that does not mean we gave up on WonderBang! No~~ That will never happen!

Anyways, did you guys know we have a tumblr site? Well, we’ve had one for a pretty long time but I’ve been too busy to let you all know. So, I’m revealing it now (as part of WB‘s 5th Anniversary! LOL)! Yes, yes, for all those who have a tumblr account, do follow us on our official Tumblr!

Spread the WonderBang Love! ❤

You can find all sorts of related WonderBang materials over at our page! And you can also submit any WonderBang materials for us to post! 🙂 Click HERE to go to our site!

Remember, like what our admin, Ash unnie says, “WE’RE STILL ALIVE”. Continue spreading the WonderBang Love guys! ❤



Dear WonderfulVIPs,

Please take note of this message. To all members of the WBLuv International Forum, I believe you will have received an e-mail from the admins.

Apparently, there is a huge number of people out there who have been using other people’s work (manips, icons, etc.) without crediting the maker himself. Or worse, passing off other’s work as their own. There are also a number of people who have been editing and changing someone else’s work without the consent of the maker first.

Please, please remember to credit appropriately and ask for permission first before you decide to edit someone else’s work. If you don’t know where to find the artist, and decide to go ahead with editing, please do CREDIT the artist himself. That’s the very least you should do.

And this does not only apply to WonderBang manips or arts, but to other aspects as well. Let’s live a civil life, okay? 🙂

If you don’t know where to find the artist, to ask for permission, let me know and I’ll try my best to help you 🙂 You can:

  • E-mail to
  • Tweet @WonderBangLove
  • Leave a comment behind, on this post
  • Leave a comment on ‘WONDERBANG EXIST’ page on Facebook.

Please spread the word regarding this. It’s not that difficult to include one line that says “Credits to ____”, right? 😀 😀

WonderBang Thread back on Soompi!

Yes yes yes! You heard it! It’s re-opened, thanks so much to the person who opened the thread and of course, Felice (Liesje) who PM-ed the person regarding the possibility of re-opening the thread! 🙂

Now we can all start celebrating! 🙂 But please, please, don’t forget about the forum (WBLuv Int’l Forum), which was there, as a place for the Fam Bam to gather when the Soompi thread was closed. 🙂 Other than that, back to spazzing and fangirling, my dear WonderfulVIPs and Fam Bam!

Here’s the link to the soompi forum:


Toobin on “We Got Married..?”

우리 결혼했어요 We Got Married
Uri Gyeolhon Haesseoyo

Network: MBC

We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요) is a popular reality South Korean variety show, one segment of the Sunday Sunday Night program. First broadcast in 2008, the show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the participants to reveal their thoughts and feelings.

Executive producer:
임정아 Im Jeong Ah

전성호 Jeon Seong Ho

Official website:

MBC America office (Los Angeles, CA USA)

General Inquiries:

Yos Park, Production Manager:

If you wish to leave feedback, suggestions, comments, criticism on board (req. member sign-in):

(원더뱅) WonderBang Exists!

Playing: BIGBANG – What is Right b/w Wonder Girls – So Hot

Bring Back WonderBang in 2011…!! Subtitles parodied.
\”WonderBang Exists!\” on Facebook

Being a WonderfulVIP

Have you ever wondered why is WonderBang don’t exactly get bashed (well, only a little)? Why people are accepting of this “pairing” but not of others?

Well, read this account below to know what it truly means to be a WonderfulVIP 😀 And well, I hope you’ll follow this exemplary behaviour 😀

*Taken from the WonderBang Thread @ Soompi by purrple_lover. Take note this was during the 2007 Golden Disk Awards, behind the scenes and inside stories.

(these all relate to golden disc award ceremony)
-whenever wonder girls came on, VIP (big bang fans)
got out pearl burgandy balloon and started cheering
wonder girls O_O idk if it’s true if they switched the
balloons and cheered with wg‘s balloon but i heard
that they cheered and even wg fans that went were
surprised and didn’t know what was going on lol

– Credits: Dream* @ WonderGirls International Forum

What do you think? 😀 😀 It’s nice to see them supporting each other, the fans, I mean 🙂

Go WonderfulVIPs! ❤

Happy 3rd Anniversary, WonderBang & WonderfulVIPs!

Hey guys! It’s 5th October! It’s been 3 years since WonderBang‘s first special stage back in 2007 and yet, 3 years later, we’re still spazzing like it was just yesterday! Wait, or is it just me? 😀

Anyways, I just wanna say, thank you to all of you for continuously supporting WonderBang, despite no collaborations last year, and truth be told, I’m totally having doubts about any collabs this year! I’m planning to mail JYP and YG, asking them to bring these 2 groups together!LOL! Wonder Girls have been giving us subtle hints on WonderBang, earlier this year, through their interviews, and variety shows! Who remembers how many times exactly Yubin said YoungBae was her ideal type? 😀

You guys, WonderfulVIPs have been great! Though there weren’t much news, you helped a lot. Reading fanfics, recommending them, taking part in our one-shot challenge at the forum, etc; I can tell you guys definitely miss WonderBang! You are not alone, remember that!

People may dissed us, saying we’re crazy to be supporting these 2 groups together, but what do they know? Like what our admin, asimpleHigh says,

WE are WonderBang

Always remember that, WonderfulVIPs. Continue spreading the WonderBang love guys~

You can leave any comment you want; messages or even a simple “I Love WonderBang“! I’m just happy to read that WonderBang still has a lot of fans left! ❤

Let’s hope something happens, this year, yeah? 😉

Happy 3rd Anniversary, WonderBang and WonderfulVIPs!

Oh! Do keep a lookout for us! I hear there’s something planned for you guys! 😉


Winner of 2nd One-Shot Challenge: Please Look After Me

Congratulations to Clio, the winner of WBL’s 2nd One-Shot Challenge, “Please Look After Me” featuring Ji Yong & Sun Mi!

Read Clio’s story here and don’t forget to comment 😀 :

The YOOBIN Mixtape

The YOOBIN Mixtape
Presented by Nile Lata & FBE Asia


For ENTERTAINMENT & PROMOTION purposed only! Feel free to add this release to your blog, storage locker, forum, fan page, etc. as long as you credit Nile Lata as the author. Thanx! ^^

01. Taecyeon & Nichkhun (2PM) Speak About Yoobin (Intro)
02. WonderGirls – Eebabo [Yoobin verse] b.w. 2AM –
I Love You [Nile Lata]
03. Yoobin rapping Nas’ I CAN
04. Lee Minwoo – Honey (feat. Yoobin) [FBE Asia Edit]
05. Yoobin-remix-fbe-exclusive
06. How Yoobin Became a Singer [clip]
07. Toobin Exclusive [FBE Asia edit]
08. Yoobin featured on JYP’s KISS
09. TOOBIN – Tell Me Goodbye [Nile Lata]
10. Yoobin – They Will Never Stop
[Nile Lata Ghettoriginal Remix]
11. Yoobin’s AUTOBIO
12. Yoobin – So Hot rap (Tik Tok remix)
13. Yoobin’s AUTOBIO (cont.)
14. Yoobin rapping on the radio Lexy’s LET ME DANCE &
Dynamic Duo’s GO BACK
15. Yoobin says Hi to Megan (sily52)
16. Do You Know That (Feat. YuBin – Wonder Girls) – Kim
Bum Soo [Nile Lata Edit]


P.S I Like You – Winner of the first One-Shot Challenge!

Hi all! Late update, I know. 🙂 Anyways, for those of you who are not aware, the winner of our first-one shot challenge has been revealed!

None other than hellokiki!! Congratulations!

Read her one-shot here