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Dear WonderfulVIPs,

Please take note of this message. To all members of the WBLuv International Forum, I believe you will have received an e-mail from the admins.

Apparently, there is a huge number of people out there who have been using other people’s work (manips, icons, etc.) without crediting the maker himself. Or worse, passing off other’s work as their own. There are also a number of people who have been editing and changing someone else’s work without the consent of the maker first.

Please, please remember to credit appropriately and ask for permission first before you decide to edit someone else’s work. If you don’t know where to find the artist, and decide to go ahead with editing, please do CREDIT the artist himself. That’s the very least you should do.

And this does not only apply to WonderBang manips or arts, but to other aspects as well. Let’s live a civil life, okay? 🙂

If you don’t know where to find the artist, to ask for permission, let me know and I’ll try my best to help you 🙂 You can:

  • E-mail to
  • Tweet @WonderBangLove
  • Leave a comment behind, on this post
  • Leave a comment on ‘WONDERBANG EXIST’ page on Facebook.

Please spread the word regarding this. It’s not that difficult to include one line that says “Credits to ____”, right? 😀 😀


“CRUSH ON U” – nile_lata & lanza1521 collab project Wonderbang Exists

Manips: Yssa (lanza1521)
Song: “Crush on U” prod. by Nile Lata (FBE)


[MANIP] IRIS: The Movie

Choi Seung-hee (Kim Tae-hee) is murdered in cold blood, and her sister Yu-ri (Kim Yu-bin) swears to get revenge! She suspects it’s Kim Hyun-jun (Lee Byung-hun) of NSS, and hires Vick (T.O.P) to do the dirty work… only: Vick isn’t doing it for the money.

Vick falls in love w/ Yu-ri at first sight and is doing the job to win Yu-ri’s heart.

Will Hyun-jun survive his stalker and find out who’s behind the hit? Will he clear his name, assuming if he is even innocent at all..?

Wonder Girls Remix Contest

Hey all! In case you guys didn’t know, there was a Wonder Girls Photo Remix contest held by MTV Iggy and Wonderfuls sent in all their best and creative works. MTV Iggy has put up all the entries sent in at their FaceBook account, so do check it out 😀 A winner has also be selected! Congrats!

But one picture stood out! (well, for me, since it involves WonderBang! :P)

This was done by Caryn from California! 😀 Caryn, if you’re reading this somehow, just want you to know, you’re an angel! Haha. I’m sure the girls would totally notice this picture since they have to see ALL pictures to select a winner 😉

Winner of 2nd One-Shot Challenge: Please Look After Me

Congratulations to Clio, the winner of WBL’s 2nd One-Shot Challenge, “Please Look After Me” featuring Ji Yong & Sun Mi!

Read Clio’s story here and don’t forget to comment 😀 :

WonderBang FREE CONCERT (Sponsored by Nile Lata & FBE Asia)

Previous WonderBang performances, meticulously edited to make one concert! WonderBangers REJOICE!

The Double YB mini-album will be available this August, so stay tuned!

[ICONS 11] Finally. ^^

Hey guys. I know it’s been a long time since I post these up. Well, to be frank, there’s hardly any more ICONS left and I think the next round will be the final one. So if you guys want more, you gotta contribute more! 😀 Please? ^^

Anyways, here they are..

WonderBang [5]

     DaeEun [1]
     TooBin [4]

Big Bang [8]

     Tae Yang [8]

Wonder Girls [11]

     Sun Ye [5]
     So Hee [1]
     Yoo Bin [3]
     YeBin [1]
     SoYeBin [1]


The YOOBIN Mixtape

The YOOBIN Mixtape
Presented by Nile Lata & FBE Asia


For ENTERTAINMENT & PROMOTION purposed only! Feel free to add this release to your blog, storage locker, forum, fan page, etc. as long as you credit Nile Lata as the author. Thanx! ^^

01. Taecyeon & Nichkhun (2PM) Speak About Yoobin (Intro)
02. WonderGirls – Eebabo [Yoobin verse] b.w. 2AM –
I Love You [Nile Lata]
03. Yoobin rapping Nas’ I CAN
04. Lee Minwoo – Honey (feat. Yoobin) [FBE Asia Edit]
05. Yoobin-remix-fbe-exclusive
06. How Yoobin Became a Singer [clip]
07. Toobin Exclusive [FBE Asia edit]
08. Yoobin featured on JYP’s KISS
09. TOOBIN – Tell Me Goodbye [Nile Lata]
10. Yoobin – They Will Never Stop
[Nile Lata Ghettoriginal Remix]
11. Yoobin’s AUTOBIO
12. Yoobin – So Hot rap (Tik Tok remix)
13. Yoobin’s AUTOBIO (cont.)
14. Yoobin rapping on the radio Lexy’s LET ME DANCE &
Dynamic Duo’s GO BACK
15. Yoobin says Hi to Megan (sily52)
16. Do You Know That (Feat. YuBin – Wonder Girls) – Kim
Bum Soo [Nile Lata Edit]


[ICONS 10] Special SunMi update.

It’s the 10th batch of [ICONS] to be shared. To commemorate, these are ALL  SunMi [ICONS] for all WonderfulVIPs ^_^

**Special thanks to ashleigh, nicole, connie, lisa, yssa, felice, deedee, diane, val for your contributions thus far. 🙂 Hope to see more from you.

RiMi [3]

Sun Mi [7]
Sun Mi & So Hee [2]
Sun Mi & Sun Ye [1]
Sun Mi & Yoo Bin [1]
Sun Mi & Ye Eun [2]












For more SunMi [ICONS], please browse through the previous 9 batches 🙂 You can click on the drop-down category box, and click “Icons”.

WBLuv One-Shot Challenge! [CLOSED]

Now Closed. Thanks for participating! 🙂


To all members of the WBLuv International Forums, you might have received an e-mail regarding this. If not, go check your inbox, I’m sure it’s there 🙂

So, WBLuv will be having our very first one-shot challenge and we want you to participate!

The WB couples and title has been decided so we need you to come up with an awesome plot!

So how do you participate?

First: PM WBL (the admins) if you want to enter this challenge and you’ll receive your titles and characters

Title: P.S I Like You
Couple: HeeDragon

Second: Once you get the title and characters, start writing!

Third: PM WBL your story BEFORE APRIL 30th

What happens next? We’ll choose one winner, who will receive an awesome poster for your fic and you’ll be the first on the list for the one-shot Hall of Fame!

So hurry and PM your admins now!

For details, members of WBLuv, please visit here:

For non-members, simply register with WBLuv, and you can take part in the challenge! 🙂

Join WBLuv here!