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Happy 4th Anniversary, #WonderBang2011

This is dedicated to my favorite groups: BIGBANG & WonderGirls, plus: the WonderBang community and the sites who keep it alive.
4 Years! Here’s to 4 more: #Wonderbang2011

Download the remixes:


“CRUSH ON U” – nile_lata & lanza1521 collab project Wonderbang Exists

Manips: Yssa (lanza1521)
Song: “Crush on U” prod. by Nile Lata (FBE)


(원더뱅) WonderBang Exists!

Playing: BIGBANG – What is Right b/w Wonder Girls – So Hot

Bring Back WonderBang in 2011…!! Subtitles parodied.
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DOUBLE YB mini-album.. presented by Nile Lata (FBE)

The tale of two’s desires, and one’s jealously..


Ep. 1-6

E01. Yoobin – ROMEO (intro)/Taeyang – I Need a Girl
E02. Yoobin – I H8 You (feat. Yeeun)
E03. BIGBANG – Stay (feat. Yoobin)
E04. Taeyang – You’re My..
E05. Yoobin – By Your Side
E06. Double YB – What I Need is You/
Yoobin – My Life, My Way (feat. Yeeun)/
Double YB – Wedding Dress (credits)

Part 2:

The exciting conclusion!

E07. Double YB – I Need to H8 You
E07.5 I (heart) Yubin T-shirt ad
E08. Taeyang – I’ll be There
FINAL. Double YB – Don’t Wanna Try
Taeyang – Take it Slow (credits)


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Double YB Exists!

If you’re into numerology and believe in conspiracy theories, then this is the video for you! More conclusive proof that Wonderbang and Double YB exists.

WonderBang – Leave us Alone

WONDERBANG – “Leave us Alone”

Let’s strive to make WonderBang a reality in 2010:

Lyrics/Music: Nile Lata (FBE)

WonderGirls & BigBang 2nd Special Stage @ MuBank

The second special stage which took place on the 28th December 2007. Enjoy!

Join using HJSplit.

*avi. file

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

[DL] MusicBank Special Stage – 1st WonderBang Performance!

A gift for WonderBang‘s 2nd Anniversary!!

I know I should have uploaded this video like eons ago but thinking about it, what better timing to upload this and share it with everyone other than now right? Hehe.. Anyways, here’s the download link to the very first special stage. The very first performance which made us fall in love with WonderBang!


*avi file

Credits to Foon & TooBin_Luv (re-up) if uploaded elsewhere!

Download HERE!

[DL] MBC Gayo DaeJeon Special Cross Stage Performance {HQ}

The perfomance which got Fam Bam superrr excited 🙂

My personal fave is definitely DaeEun‘s Haru Haru.



[DL] WonderBang KBS Line Dance {HQ}

This act was totally unexpected, from the end of year Gayo DaeJeon, to me at least.