To Spread the WonderBang Love~

NEWS: WonderBang Fam Bam Kris Kingle

This applies to ALL members in the WonderBang Forum “Feel the Love”

This is a contest among the different mainships

TooBin / G-Ye / HeeDragon / RiMi / SunTae / DaeEun / TaeHee / SoAh

Mechanics & Rules:

1. Every mainships should have a different pair of representatives each week..

2. NO BASHING of other Couples (remember were family)

3. The pair must come up with something for the “Gift of the Week” that only consists of anything and everything about their main couple..

4. You can ONLY post ONCE in in the designated week…so make sure you give it your all…LMAO

5. The pair of representatives for each week are the ONLY ones entitled to post

6. The pair can ask help with their co-shippers but are the ONES to post their “gifts”..

7. The deadline of posting will be on fridays….If the pair can’t come up with anything (which i doubt will happen) they could PM us and find another substitute from their respective co-shippers

8. The most beautiful “gift” will be given points through their WB gifts… you’ll see that you and your co-shippers will get higher value of WB gift.

9. Then by December 24th… each mainshippers (that means everyone)… must come up with a Grand Gift…(with their respective Mainships of course; It’s all about team work!) from those grand gifts we will pick the winner.

10. The Winner will be based on creativity, originality, and over-all presentation of each gifts.

11. Each member of the Winning mainship will receive extra Credits & WB Money… and they could ask/ request anything they want from the admin, As long as it is not beyond the admin’s capacities.

12. This Kris Kringle is intended for the fam to have extra bonding and to create great teamwork and of course have fun!


You can post your “Gifts” On your mainships’ respective threads.


Gift of the Week

“Something Funny”

You guys can post something like:

> a list of all the funny stuffs about your Mainship couple.
> a list of funny manips of your mainship couple.
> a list of funny excerpts from your mainship couples’ fanfic/ you can create your own.
> a list of funny gifs of your mainship couple.
> a list of funny things your mainship couples do.

We’ll be giving the “Gift of the Week” this saturday.
And the Administrator, Super Moderator & Moderator will not take part on the Kris Kringle Itself.. We’ll only be the one Judging… and we can promise a FAIR & UNBIASED judgement.

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  1. Wiingg

    Familyyyy ❤

    October 31, 2008 at 10:08 pm

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