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JYP wants Tae Yang & YG wants Sun Ye!

J.Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk recently participated in a fun game that had them name artists they’d scout from each others’ companies.

On September 7th, J.Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk guested on SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment, during which the MC asked, “Which singers from the other agency would you like to scout?”

J.Y. Park answered, “There is one person who I would like the most,” and named 1TYM‘s Teddy. He explained, “I don’t just want him as a celebrity — I’m thinking that he would produce songs for other singers, too.” 

J.Y. Park picked Big Bang‘s Taeyang as his second choice, stating, “He’s so good at dancing and singing, so I think it’d be fun to record together.” 

Lastly, J.Y. Park stated that he would like to scout 2NE1‘s Sandara Park. He explained, “She has a strong charm about her that you can’t see in other female celebrities.”  Yang Hyun Suk replied,Sandara Park’s nickname is ‘The girl from Mars’. She doesn’t seem like she’s from Earth. I’ve been watching her for several years, but still, every time I see her, she doesn’t seem like she’s from our planet.”

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk picked 2PM‘s Nichkhun first. He explained, Nichkhun came from overseas. He is very good-looking and cute. I like Nichkhun.” 

He then selected Wonder Girls‘ Sunye, stating, “A long time ago, J.Y. Park had an audition program. I liked Sunye since then. She was so pretty that I thought to myself that I would like to raise her.” 

Finally, the CEO of YG Entertainment chose miss A‘s Suzy, explaining, “These days, Suzy is catching my eye.”

Source: Newsen
Credits: Allkpop 


WonderBang Thread back on Soompi!

Yes yes yes! You heard it! It’s re-opened, thanks so much to the person who opened the thread and of course, Felice (Liesje) who PM-ed the person regarding the possibility of re-opening the thread! 🙂

Now we can all start celebrating! 🙂 But please, please, don’t forget about the forum (WBLuv Int’l Forum), which was there, as a place for the Fam Bam to gather when the Soompi thread was closed. 🙂 Other than that, back to spazzing and fangirling, my dear WonderfulVIPs and Fam Bam!

Here’s the link to the soompi forum:


Wonder Girls & Big Bang: Top 5 Airport Fashionistas!

MTV K lists down their Top 10 Kpop Airport Fashionistas on their website, with Wonder Girls and Big Bang clenching the number 2 and 4 spots respectively!

#2 Wonder Girls
#3 SHINee
#4 Big Bang
#5 2PM
#7 Kara
#8 4Minute
#9 SS501
#10 C.N.Blue

For more info on each group, visit MTV K’s webpage! Meanwhile, read what they write up on Big Bang‘s and Wonder Girls‘ airport fashion!


Maybe number 4 should go to G-Dragon rather than all of Big Bang…but T.O.P’s outrageous pants lets the entire group place on the list! Saying G-Dragon has unique fashion sense is like saying water is wet. But you sort can’t help but say it again after seeing photos of his wardrobe at an airport.


You may agree or disagree but the Wonder Girls have the best fashion sense out of all the girls groups in private! Eclectic and eye-catching, their style isn’t overpowering and one glance and you know they’re a star.

Source: MTV K


What do you think? I absolutely agree! Though I think Big Bang could have done better on the charts! 🙂 And is it just me, or it’s so difficult to find Big Bang‘s group picture at the airport?! O_O Hmmm..

Sun Ye and Tae Yang: Most thoughtful idols

Some, or most of you might have known about this but I just found out because I just watched it today! 😀

Anyways, Sun Ye and Tae Yang made it into Pops in Seoul‘s Best 5 segment of “Most thoughtful idols who serve as role models”, clenching the No 1. and 2 spot respectively! ❤

Yay to SunTae! They are indeed very thoughtful and kind souls, aren’t they? 🙂

WonderBang participated in Naver’s “Pray For Japan” Campaign.

Musicians, athletes, and TV stars have all been participating in the “Pray For Japan“ photo support campaign, run by portal site Naver and Japan’s NHN.

The campaign asks celebrities to take a photo of themselves with a “Pray for Japan” sign on their cellphones as an act of support for the ongoing disaster relief efforts in Japan.

Their mission states, “Many celebrities are also stretching out helping hands in a time when heartfelt consolation is needed. Celebrities from various fields – music, sports, movies and so on – have sent their pictures with a ‘Pray for Japan’ message to NAVER for quake-stricken people in Japan. ‘Exhibition N’ now introduces photos sent in by celebrities with cheering messages. NAVER truly hopes that our prayers will reach people in Japan and give them courage to be able to reconstruct what was destroyed.”

Over 70 celebrities – such as Big Bang, the Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Dal Shabet, INFINITE, and JYJ –  have taken part in the campaign thus far, and many more star contributions are being added each minute. Their heartfelt messages were also translated into Japanese for them to read.


Wonder Girls also sent out messages for the campaign:

Lim – “I was deeply saddened to hear the tragic news about Japan. I will pray for Japan to regain stability.”
So Hee“I pray for a rapid recovery in Japan. And I cheer for everyone in Japan. Please take heart.”
Sun Ye  “Don’t Forget that our prayers are with you always. My condolences stretch out to everyone in Japan.”
Ye Eun “Althought it might be burdensome and painful at this moment, however if you never give up, you will certainly overcome! My prayer is always with you.”
Yoo Bin “I am saddened by the disaster in my neighboring country. I pray for all the affected to regain stability.”


Source: Naver
Credits: Allkpop, WonderfulsWorld

Bring Back WonderBang 2011

The new campaign has BEGUN:
vid #1


Instructions are included in the video description on how you can contact the labels and television networks. Demand to see WonderBang, but please be respectful to whom you contact.

Video responses are welcome! Remember to add the contact information in the video description and make your video title, something like “Bring Back WonderBang 2011” for continuity.  Spread the word to other WB’ers – across other related forums and fanclubs, esp. to our sister-clubs in South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, China, etc.

Thank You for your support!
Nile Lata (FBE)

Happy 3rd Anniversary, WonderBang & WonderfulVIPs!

Hey guys! It’s 5th October! It’s been 3 years since WonderBang‘s first special stage back in 2007 and yet, 3 years later, we’re still spazzing like it was just yesterday! Wait, or is it just me? 😀

Anyways, I just wanna say, thank you to all of you for continuously supporting WonderBang, despite no collaborations last year, and truth be told, I’m totally having doubts about any collabs this year! I’m planning to mail JYP and YG, asking them to bring these 2 groups together!LOL! Wonder Girls have been giving us subtle hints on WonderBang, earlier this year, through their interviews, and variety shows! Who remembers how many times exactly Yubin said YoungBae was her ideal type? 😀

You guys, WonderfulVIPs have been great! Though there weren’t much news, you helped a lot. Reading fanfics, recommending them, taking part in our one-shot challenge at the forum, etc; I can tell you guys definitely miss WonderBang! You are not alone, remember that!

People may dissed us, saying we’re crazy to be supporting these 2 groups together, but what do they know? Like what our admin, asimpleHigh says,

WE are WonderBang

Always remember that, WonderfulVIPs. Continue spreading the WonderBang love guys~

You can leave any comment you want; messages or even a simple “I Love WonderBang“! I’m just happy to read that WonderBang still has a lot of fans left! ❤

Let’s hope something happens, this year, yeah? 😉

Happy 3rd Anniversary, WonderBang and WonderfulVIPs!

Oh! Do keep a lookout for us! I hear there’s something planned for you guys! 😉


Yoo Bin picked Young Bae once again!

On the recent airing of Happy Together Season 3, Wonder Girls were asked about their favourite male artiste.

And well, you know the story.

Yoo Bin picked Young Bae! AGAIN! 🙂 I can hear DoubleYB fans screaming all over the world. lol.

Credits to: aleeexGD@YT

Below is the translation of the video provided by aleee @

Yoo Jae Suk: Do you have a particular favorite male artist? Who is it?
Woman: Yoobin, do you have one?
Yoobin: That….Big Bang‘s Youngbae-shi..
Yoo Jae Suk: Ahhh~
Yoobin/Woman: Tayeang, Taeyang-shi.
Yoobin: Aigoo~….sorry..
Yoo Jae Suk: He has charm, Taeyang has charm.


Yoo Bin called him Young Bae! 🙂 She must be really close to him to call him Young Bae and even corrected herself after that by saying “Tae Yang sshi.. Sorry” How cute was that??

Now all we need is SOMEONE to ask Tae Yang this kind of question and hopefully, when he says Yoo Bin this time, it won’t get edited 😉

There’s been A LOT of DoubleYB news eh? Hahah. 🙂 And you know in the episode of Win Win, Yoo Bin mentions that a lot of guys has said she’s their ideal type but they didn’t exchange numbers and she was sad about that? Well, she’s been showing signs of the urgent need to date as well in that show! If Young Bae were to publicly mention that he adores Yoo Bin, you can expect Double YB to be in the news! (LOL. Yes, this is what I hope will happen cuz well, TOP is too slow to make his move! :P)

Yoo Bin mentions Tae Yang again!

During a segment on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, the Wonder Girls were asked various questions asked by the man himself.

One particular question, directed at our very own Kim Yoo Bin, is a direct WonderBang moment!

“Who’s a popular male idol amongst the Wonder Girls?”

She answered: Big Bang‘s Tae Yang.

Other questions directed towards the girls include:

Sun Ye  –  “Do you like 2AM or 2PM better?”
A: 2AM… since we go back a long ways but 2PM is #1 too

Ye Eun “Where was your last date?”
A: “At the house.”

So Hee “If you had to do plastic surgery, which part would you do it on?”
A: “I don’t need it, I have confidence in myself (just joking). The part I would do plastic surgery on is… (pause)… ankle.”

Hye Lim –  “Do You like Big Bang or Super Junior better?”
A: “Too hard to choose, I like both.”

Source: Allkpop

Credit: UnknwonCarrot110


Yoo Bin seems sooo into Young Bae, doesn’t she? 🙂

I kind of expected Seung Ri.. He seems to be the closest to the girls 🙂

Double YB, once again ^_^

Nobody & Wedding Dress @ Short Shorts Film Festival Asia 2010

The Short Shorts Film Festival Asia 2010, will begin 11th June in Japan and will feature music videos from South Korea, as part of their special screening/event line-up.

This “Korean Music Clip Program” will be shown on June 16th, 2010 at Brillia Short Shorts Theater, from 1920hrs – 2110hrs. Music videos that will be shown includes:

  • Nobody – Wonder Girls
  • Love Rain – Kim Tae Woo
  • Tell Me Your Wish – So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • Wedding Dress – Tae Yang
  • After Love – Park Hyo Shin

Source: Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA 2010