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Yoo Bin picked Young Bae once again!

On the recent airing of Happy Together Season 3, Wonder Girls were asked about their favourite male artiste.

And well, you know the story.

Yoo Bin picked Young Bae! AGAIN! 🙂 I can hear DoubleYB fans screaming all over the world. lol.

Credits to: aleeexGD@YT

Below is the translation of the video provided by aleee @

Yoo Jae Suk: Do you have a particular favorite male artist? Who is it?
Woman: Yoobin, do you have one?
Yoobin: That….Big Bang‘s Youngbae-shi..
Yoo Jae Suk: Ahhh~
Yoobin/Woman: Tayeang, Taeyang-shi.
Yoobin: Aigoo~….sorry..
Yoo Jae Suk: He has charm, Taeyang has charm.


Yoo Bin called him Young Bae! 🙂 She must be really close to him to call him Young Bae and even corrected herself after that by saying “Tae Yang sshi.. Sorry” How cute was that??

Now all we need is SOMEONE to ask Tae Yang this kind of question and hopefully, when he says Yoo Bin this time, it won’t get edited 😉

There’s been A LOT of DoubleYB news eh? Hahah. 🙂 And you know in the episode of Win Win, Yoo Bin mentions that a lot of guys has said she’s their ideal type but they didn’t exchange numbers and she was sad about that? Well, she’s been showing signs of the urgent need to date as well in that show! If Young Bae were to publicly mention that he adores Yoo Bin, you can expect Double YB to be in the news! (LOL. Yes, this is what I hope will happen cuz well, TOP is too slow to make his move! :P)