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RiMi FFs


This page will list down fanfics featuring RiMi pairings. Remember, do take the time to thank the respective authors for their hard work if you choose to read any of the fics!

If you spot any  fanfictions featuring RiMi pairings, that is NOT listed here, please do leave a comment behind in the following manner:

FF Title:
FF Link:
FF Author:

Thank you and enjoy reading the fics!

** – Indicates no link to the FF. If anyone could kindly provide the link, do drop a comment. Thanks!


  1. Time Capsule of Our Hearts
    by mysterious*
  2. Love Is Blinding
    by litoswtme



  1. Corrupting You
    by Nirvana
  2. The Curse of Love
    by oOoBdSkoOo
  3. engraved
    by xFloOwuffBB
  4. Best Friends
    by kaelum
  5. My Musical Boy
    by mysterious*
  6. Random Acts
    by asimpleHigh
  7. Eternal Happiness
    by cha_gurl
  8. Guardian Angel
    by RoseTHaI2366
  9. Hate At First Sight
    by kaelum
  10. Sugar Coated Love?
    by bunnyboo83
  11. 45 miles…till I Reach You
    by pink.strawberrie;
  12. Double Love {ft DaeSung}
    by DOLLYbeans
  13. The Alien and The Panda
    by lidoolbunnie
  14. The Billionaire Virgin Wife
    by seulgi&siwonlovers
  15. City Stars
    by –dorktistic–

One response

  1. yanni

    I really love RiMi ! ♥

    April 7, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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