To Spread the WonderBang Love~


WonderBang Party – 06.20.12

Presented by Nile Lata (FBE) & FBE Asia


01. Tell Me/Feeling
02. Feeling SuperB
03. Turn it up/Act Cool/R.E.A.L
04. Like This/Knockout
05. Fantastic Baby/Me In
06. Fantastic Baby/Stop!
07. Bingeul Bingeul/G.N.O
08. G.N.O./Ain’t No Fun/High High
09. High High/Ee Babo/Jibe Kajima
10. Jibe kajima/Ain’t No Fun
11. Sombebody 2 Luv/Nobody
12. Lollipop Girl pt. 2 (ft. Yubin)
13. The DJ is Mine (HeeDragon vers.)
14. Girls, Girls/Bad Boy (INTERLUDE)
15. LoveDust/2 Different Tears
16. Stupid Liar/GF (INTERLUDE #2)
17. Wishing on a Star/We Belong Together
18. Baby Goodnight/Take It
19. I Don’t Understand (ft. Yubin)
20. Together Forever (DC GoGo vers.)

Running time24:56

Download link:

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