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Happy 3rd Anniversary, WonderBang & WonderfulVIPs!

Hey guys! It’s 5th October! It’s been 3 years since WonderBang‘s first special stage back in 2007 and yet, 3 years later, we’re still spazzing like it was just yesterday! Wait, or is it just me? 😀

Anyways, I just wanna say, thank you to all of you for continuously supporting WonderBang, despite no collaborations last year, and truth be told, I’m totally having doubts about any collabs this year! I’m planning to mail JYP and YG, asking them to bring these 2 groups together!LOL! Wonder Girls have been giving us subtle hints on WonderBang, earlier this year, through their interviews, and variety shows! Who remembers how many times exactly Yubin said YoungBae was her ideal type? 😀

You guys, WonderfulVIPs have been great! Though there weren’t much news, you helped a lot. Reading fanfics, recommending them, taking part in our one-shot challenge at the forum, etc; I can tell you guys definitely miss WonderBang! You are not alone, remember that!

People may dissed us, saying we’re crazy to be supporting these 2 groups together, but what do they know? Like what our admin, asimpleHigh says,

WE are WonderBang

Always remember that, WonderfulVIPs. Continue spreading the WonderBang love guys~

You can leave any comment you want; messages or even a simple “I Love WonderBang“! I’m just happy to read that WonderBang still has a lot of fans left! ❤

Let’s hope something happens, this year, yeah? 😉

Happy 3rd Anniversary, WonderBang and WonderfulVIPs!

Oh! Do keep a lookout for us! I hear there’s something planned for you guys! 😉



It’s officially 12midnight here in my country thus, the time has come!!


The WonderBang Ops did thought of having WB Anniversary projects but due to time constraint, etc., nothing was really done. Anyways, we hope that all of you, doesn’t matter if you’re FamBam, a WonderfulVIP, or a WonderBang-er; enjoy this day! For this is the day which brought us all together for the love of 2 of the most lovable groups in Korea.

True, this year perhaps, most probably, we won’t get to see any WonderBang on stage. However, let us not despair cos there’s always next year 🙂

Or, we can do what we did last year, in an effort to see our beloved WonderBang performing together once again, on stage. However, it’ll be difficult since our Wonder Girls are probably going to train really hard in America and they’ll be busy so let’s not burden them ok? Hehehe..

Anyways, let’s hope there’ll be MORE and TONS of WonderBang performance, interactions, news, etc in the future!!

WonderBang Ops.

Let’s spread the love by looking at old photos, shall we?









A gift for all WonderBang shippers/supporters/lovers below!