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WBLuv One-Shot Challenge! [CLOSED]

Now Closed. Thanks for participating! 🙂


To all members of the WBLuv International Forums, you might have received an e-mail regarding this. If not, go check your inbox, I’m sure it’s there 🙂

So, WBLuv will be having our very first one-shot challenge and we want you to participate!

The WB couples and title has been decided so we need you to come up with an awesome plot!

So how do you participate?

First: PM WBL (the admins) if you want to enter this challenge and you’ll receive your titles and characters

Title: P.S I Like You
Couple: HeeDragon

Second: Once you get the title and characters, start writing!

Third: PM WBL your story BEFORE APRIL 30th

What happens next? We’ll choose one winner, who will receive an awesome poster for your fic and you’ll be the first on the list for the one-shot Hall of Fame!

So hurry and PM your admins now!

For details, members of WBLuv, please visit here:

For non-members, simply register with WBLuv, and you can take part in the challenge! 🙂

Join WBLuv here!

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