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G-Bin are “super close” friends

According to a fanaccount by Chantal,

GD is known to be close to Yoobin of WG and Nicole of Kara.

Her fanaccount describes what each Big Bang member does and is known for, something she observed, during her stay in Korea. Read more of her fanaccount here

Credits: juang_bb@Soompi / Big Bang – Official Soompi Thread/ Chantal
Thanks to: Nurika


Big Bang chose Wonder Girls!

All of you may have heard this piece of news and it was my fault for forgetting to update the blog about this! It’s like the biggest news ever! Hehe..


Anyways, as all of you may have heard, during SNSD and Kara‘s filming on MBC’s Come To Play, a research was done asking 7 male idol groups {DBSK, 2PM, SHINee, Big Bang, Super Junior, FT Island, SS501} which is their favourite girl group.

Here’s the reply:

saw on Bestiz last week, according to a fan that’s at the studio when the show is filmed..
The research also asked all 7 teams’ (male idols) favourite girl group
DBSK, SuJu and SHINee picked SNSD

Big Bang picked Wonder Girls

2PM, FT Island and SS501 picked Kara

– saturn @ soompi


Hehe.. Actually, they were supposed to choose between SNSD and Kara (I heard..)

Instead, Big Bang chose Wonder Girls.

Oh well.. 🙂