To Spread the WonderBang Love~

DOUBLE YB mini-album.. presented by Nile Lata (FBE)

The tale of two’s desires, and one’s jealously..


Ep. 1-6

E01. Yoobin – ROMEO (intro)/Taeyang – I Need a Girl
E02. Yoobin – I H8 You (feat. Yeeun)
E03. BIGBANG – Stay (feat. Yoobin)
E04. Taeyang – You’re My..
E05. Yoobin – By Your Side
E06. Double YB – What I Need is You/
Yoobin – My Life, My Way (feat. Yeeun)/
Double YB – Wedding Dress (credits)

Part 2:

The exciting conclusion!

E07. Double YB – I Need to H8 You
E07.5 I (heart) Yubin T-shirt ad
E08. Taeyang – I’ll be There
FINAL. Double YB – Don’t Wanna Try
Taeyang – Take it Slow (credits)


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