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YG hopes for Wonder Girls’ & BOA’s success in America

YG Yang HyunSeok talks about Se7en’s attempt to advance into the American music scene.

Se7en had a comeback celebration party in a club in CheongDamDong on 20th July. Yang HyunSeok who was also present told the reporters, “There is rumours saying that Se7en’s American debut being a failure but we are not going to deny it. But advancing into the American music scene is harder than we thought. As compared to visible results, we would still take up the challenge for a try at it even if the chances of failure is 99%. Under such circumstances, we see it that there is no use to discuss whether it was a success or failure.”

 He also added, “And I hope that BoA and the WonderGirls who are currently promoting in the States will do well there. The barrier for Asian artistes into the American music market is still very high. Especially for the company which is in charged of promotions, the reliability is gone once the contract is over.”

Yang HyunSeok said, “If a good chance comes along, we will take up the challenge again. We are still working hard on looking for a good promoter and industry relations.”

Se7en himself voiced, “It is true that the goals that I’ve set on advancing into the American music market did not materialize. The sense of regret is larger since the time put into preparing for this was so long. Honestly you can’t say it is an official debut since there was no release of a full length album. It would be hard to kick off promotional activities. It is really a shame since so much time has been invested to prepare for it.”

He added, “I was not able to show what I have spent time preparing for. But still I learnt a lot. I have also studied up on music a lot for the past 3 years. And I’ve improved on dancing and singing. And as an individual I’ve definitely matured much. To succeed as singer, you need to look into 3 areas – talent, music and company. But in the States, I didn’t get the best out of the 3. Even if you have this 3, it is not a guarantee you will succeed. Instead of saying that one is lacking, it is just tough.”

Source: Newsen
Credits: KBites


It’s a good thing to see YG supporting the girls and also BOA with their American succes. It’s also a good thing to see the 3 major companies giving their full support to one another! 😀 😀

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