To Spread the WonderBang Love~

Wonder Girls and Big Bang compete again??

Only yesterday Wonder Girls released their new MV for the song “2 Different Tears” and today, YGEnt suddenly releases Big Bang‘s new MV for “Tell Me Goodbye”.

(**which by the way, “Tell Me Goodbye” just screams Wonder Girls to me.. “Tell Me”, the chart-topper and “Goodbye” anyone?? hehehe..)

It seems Wonder Girls and Big Bang are competitors once again but of course, apart from seeing it as such, I’m sure fans, or WonderfulVIPs will be beyond excited to see both their comeback.

Since 2007, both Wonder Girls and Big Bang has been “competiting” to reach the top. When Big Bang came out with hit song “Lies”, Wonder Girls blew the k-pop world with “Tell Me” a few months later. Also, because of this, we get to see the first ever WonderBang Special Stage at Music Bank! 🙂

Then, after “Lies”, Big Bang came out with “Last Farewell” and Wonder Girls with “This Fool”. They ‘compete’ again when Big Bang was promoting “Haru Haru” and Wonder Girls made a comeback with worldwide phenomena “Nobody”, and as usual, lead to another awesome special stage at MBC’s Gayo Daejeon in 2008.

Will we get to see a special stage of “2 Different Tears” and “Tell Me Goodbye” this year? or any WonderBang special stage at all? Looks like we have to keep praying and hoping 🙂

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears (Eng Ver.)

Big Bang – Tell Me Goodbye

p/s: anyone heard YooBin talking in Japanese during their album launch! Screams YooBang to me ❤ hehe..

p/s: look carefully at TOP‘s hair! There’s shades of red!! The exact same shade as YooBin‘s!! 🙂

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