To Spread the WonderBang Love~

[ICONS 9] Christmas Update!

It’s been some time since I update the [ICONS] project created by FamBam and WonderfulVIPs. Seeing it’s Christmas, I’m updating as a Christmas gift (lame, I know 🙂 ).

I’ll be putting up the 2nd Special Stage of WonderBang at MuBank too. But right now, the file hosting site is down. If I still can’t put it up by tonight, I’ll have it up by Tuesday as I’ll be out of town this weekeend.

Meanwhile, this batch of [ICONS] is rather small but I’ll put the rest for the new years. Enjoy and remember the proper credits!

**Special thanks to Ashleigh, DeeDee, Connie, Lisa, Nicole, Yssa, Felice, Diane, Val for your contributions.

WonderBang [17]

     WonderBang [3]
     TooBin [3]
     RiMi [3]
     HeeDragon [4]
     DaeEun [3]
     SunTae [1]

Wonder Girls [11]

     Ye Eun (w ShinDong from SJ) [1]
     Ye Eun [4]
     Yoo Bin [3]
     Sun Ye [1]
     YooMin [1]
     YeMi [1]

Big Bang [6]

     TOP [3]
     Seung Ri [3]

WonderBang [17]









Wonder Girls [11]







Big Bang [6]




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