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The BIGBANG Mixtape – vol.2; Presented by Nile Lata (FBE)

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The BIGBANG Mixtape – vol.2

Presented by Nile Lata (FBE)

Support the artist(s). Purchase the studio albums when available online or
@ the store. REAL fans buy the retail versions!
Please give Nile Lata and FBE Asia credit for the work; and more importantly:
KEEP IT FREE! Sale is prohibited.

01 – Intro (feat. CL)
02 – 2NE1 – Pretty Boy b/w BIGBANG – FILA The Style
03 – Sunset Glow b/w Uhm Jung Hwa – DJ (feat CL)
04 – Emotion b/w Lady Gaga – Pokerface
05 – Top of the World b/w Cameo – Word Up!
06 – Number 1 b/w Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me
07 – T.O.P & Taeyang – Chingu b/w Eun Ji Won – Dangerous –
Pt. II (feat. Gil Mee)
08 – Daesung – Look at me, Gwisun!
09 – RiMi (Seung Ri + SunMi [WonderGirls] ) – Strong Baby b/w Chodae
10 – NO NO NO (Anti-Amoking PSA)
11 – Fool (Smooth Jazz Remix)
12 – Lee Minwoo – I M U (feat. Mighty Mouth) b/w BIGBANG – Fool
13 – [SoshiBang] SNSD – Genie b/w BIGBANG – Gara Gara Go
14 – After School – DIVA b/w BIGBANG – Oh, Ah, Oh
15 – Taeyang – 죄인 b/w Epik High – 쉿
16 – This Love (Go-Go vers.)
17 – Pretending to be Unconcerned (T.O.P Solo) – LIVE

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One response

  1. YukariCho

    Hey , Im really anticipating for d mixes but I cant download all the songs for this one.. when I click he link they only gave my Big bang -Fool Smooth Jazz remix instead of the whole album T.T is there any way to download the whole album… plus the Mix tapes3 and wonderbang mixtapes ( those that were uploaded by arent working.. the links are all broken.. T.T please help ^^ thanks

    November 30, 2009 at 10:05 am

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