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WonderBang – TOP 50 MNet Idols

Yay! All 5 members from Big Bang & Wonder Girls made it to the list!! The TOP 2??

None other than HeeDragon!

1위 빅뱅 G-드래곤


2위 원더걸스 소희

So Hee

4위 빅뱅


11위 빅뱅 대성

Dae Sung

14위 원더걸스 선예

Sun Ye

15위 빅뱅 태양

Tae Yang

28위 원더걸스 선미

Sun Mi

31위 빅뱅 승리

Seung Ri

39위 원더걸스 유빈

Yoo Bin

43위 원더걸스 예은

Ye Eun

 OMG.. We see SunTae in a “battle” neck-to-neck with spots 14 & 15 respectively. RiMi is extremely close to, with 2 idols “in between” them. Haha.

For the full TOP 100 List, go HERE {in Korean}

Credits to etbbong

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