To Spread the WonderBang Love~

[ICONS] Batch 2!

Hello.. Back with the second batch of [ICONS] to be shared.. In total, I think I only have 4 batches.. hahah..

So, I’m looking forward to more contributions, especially from Fam Bam!

Remember, credit the right person, if used!

**Special thanks to DeeDee, Lisa, Felice, Nicky for the lovely and amazing [ICONS]

No WonderBang [ICONS] in this batch!

Wonder Girls [16]

     YeEun [1]
     So Hee [3]
     Sun Mi [2]
     Yoo Bin
     YooBin+SunMi+YeEun [1]

Big Bang [17]

     DaeSung [1]
     Seung Ri
     GD [4]
     TaeDragon [1]

Wonder Girls

Liesje@원더뱅is Loved

2m50zn92   33ue3df   2mxe3yw
2rw3k8n   2w3rner   2na6woz
256fi3k   166ygkm   2yxqeme
4uuurl   21j0sxv
TooBin_Luv@원더뱅is Loved

wg886   wg882   wg885  
wg887   wg926

Big Bang

Liesje@원더뱅is Loved

1037tko   97jtqe   2e0jkvs  
2i892x0   2prs6wz   169q9f9
2kgac7   2mepis2   2vd4pci
2ynqa35   2zsb5m9   345o8pw
hellokiki@원더뱅is Loved

 credits_to_hellokiki-20   credits_to_hellokiki-19   credits_to_hellokiki-21

One response

  1. pia

    all the icons are just love love love!!!!!
    i thought ‘nobody but you’ was really writen in eunie’s shirt lol
    thanks for sharing them to us!!!!!!!!!

    January 29, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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