To Spread the WonderBang Love~

WonderBang Mixtape 2.5

EDIT: omg, I totally forgot about these tracks! Hehe~ Sorry!

SHARING ENCOURAGED, INFRINGEMENT NOT IMPLIED. Keep this project NON-PROFIT and give proprietary credit to Nile Lata and FBE Asia. Support Big Bang and Wondergirls by
buying their albums/singles when they release. TRUE FANS OWN THE RETAIL VERSIONS.

FBE Asia Clubbox | Mixtapes | Remixes | Exclusives

The download will inlclude the list track below:


01. Move- Wondergirls b/w V.I.P – Big Bang
02. La La La – Big Bang
03. Ee Babo – Wondergirls
04. WG-style – (original composition by Nile Lata
    in the style of Ee Babo – Wondergirls)
05. Irony – Wondergirls
06. What About It (feat. David Kim) – Wondergirls
07. So Beautiful (English vers.) – Big Bang
08. I Wanna- Wondergirls
09. Super Fly – Lexy ft. G-Dragon, T.O.P. b/w Always – Big Bang
10. Lies (LIVE) – Big Bang
11. Headache- Wondergirls
12. Tell Me – Wondergirls
13. Tears – Wondergirls
14. Last Farewell/Baby Baby (English vers.) – Big Bang

01. Honey (feat. Yoo-Bin) – Lee Minwoo
02. D.I.S.C.O. – Part 2 (feat. G-Dragon) – Uhm Jung Hwa
03. So Hot – Wondergirls
04. Irony (Tae Kwon Daybreak Remix)
05. Good Bye Baby – Big Bang b/w Neva Have 2 Worry – Snoop Dogg
06. Mad About You (English vers.) – Big Bang
07. Make Love (feat. KUSH) – Tae-Yang
08. Good Bye – Wondergirls
09. G-DRAGON SPECIAL STAGE: G-Dragon (feat. G-Dragon) – Perry,
    Fine Gentlemen – YG Family (G-Dragon Verse), Storm – Perry
    (G-Dragon Verse), Cho Nop Eun Kot Teh Pyol Chyo (feat.
    Park Ji Yeon/Gummy) – GDYB
    (G-Dragon & YB Taekwon/Tae-Yang)
10. How Gee (English Vers.) – Big Bang
11. Wishing on a Star – Wondergirls b/w We Belong Together – Big Bang
12. GDYB – Only Look at Me b/w The Business – Yung Berg
13. I Don’t Understand – Big Bang b/w Take it – Wondergirls
14. Haru Haru – Big Bang b/w Nobody – Wondergirls
15. A Good Person – Big Bang b/w You’re Out – Wondergirls
16. Party (feat. G-Dragon) – Uhm Jung Hwa b/w Energy (feat. Sun-ye) –
    Mighty Mouth


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