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Wonder Girls on Mnet

I think by this time all of you would have already watched their interview on Mnet. I love those 2 hosts! They’re hinting that WonderBang should perform together!! And the female host is TOTALLY in LOVE with WonderBang. Haha..

Total WB moment! Starts from around 6:22.. Watch and read carefully!!

Let’s point out all the WB moments and spazzing, shall we?

@ 6:22: The male host says “All such cute couples” –> Ehem.. ‘COUPLES’?? Haha.. and he even described them as cute! which is totally true!

@ 6: 37: The female host asked “What if you were to share the stage with Big Bang” again? They answered “THAT MIGHT BE FUN too” and someone even added in saying “Yeah, THAT’D BE FUN” –> omg! haha.. of course it’s fun!! right?? And they agreed!

@ 6:43 onwards –> it’s just LOVEd.. Proves that WG are definitely missing BB!! Haha.. **I think YooBin misses them the most** HAha

@ 7: 08: asking them about TOP-HyoRi act and SunMi answered “Right when it happened – Is it a broadcast accident?” –> omg!! Is Sun Mi like jealous?? Haha.. She thougt it was a broadcast accident..Sun Mi ah~ Be thankful it’s not Seung RI.. hahah.. **ok, I’m crazy**

@ 7:18 : Yoo Bin answered the host’s question, “…and HyoRi unnie is SEXY TOO..” –> AHHHH!! Do you know what the “too” in that sentence implies? She’s indirectly saying that TOP is SEXY.. So it’s like “TOP is sexy and HyoRi unnie is sexy TOO“.. Right???? **don’t correct me..let me believe in this** Haha.. Go TooBin!


Haha..I’m spazzing too much over a few minutes of WonderBang moment.. Who cares? Go Go WonderBang~

By the way, I really wished someone would interview GD/SunYe about them appearing on the news for having too similar facial expressions.. Haha. That’d be FUN!

Watch the beginning and end of the show: Part 1 / Part 3

At the end, there’s also some WonderBang-ing talk. Seriously, the host LOVES WonderBang

2 responses

  1. joongie

    Yoobin should start realising that she is very very sexy as well
    if not sexier IMO.

    How i wish they interviewed big bang their POV
    as well. I really want to know what they will say.

    There is going to be a Kara – BB performance,
    so bumped out. 😦

    December 12, 2008 at 1:40 pm

  2. LMAO. She totally said that!!! We all know what was in your mind now Yoobin!! TOP is so sexy and you know it!!

    April 19, 2009 at 4:30 am

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